Kilimanjaro International Airport



1. Should I come with copy of COVID 19 medical certificates?

  • Yes, all passengers departing from Kilimanjaro International Airport should bring with the hardcopy of CPR test result given not less than 72 hours of testing. This policy varies according to airline and particular country.

2.How much does COVID 19 rapid test cost at Kilimanjaro International Airport?

  • The rapid test cost 25 USD per person who departing at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

3.How long does it takes result to come out after testing?

  • Approximately every single test takes about 15 – 20 minutes.

4.How long does passenger should arrive at the airport for COVID 19 rapid test?

  • Passenger departing at Kilimanjaro International should arrive 5 hours before departing.

5. Is a face-mask compulsory for passengers arriving at Kilimanjaro International airport?

  • All passenger arrive at Kilimanjaro International airport required to wear mask, and obey the social distance rule. This should be done from the first time you step at the airport until you have left the airport to prevent the spread of the virus. Without mask most of the airline wont allow you to board. There is exemption for children under the age of 13.

6. The COVID 19 Rapid test applies for Diplomats.

  • It depends on the airline; KLM requires all passenger hold Dutch Diplomat to be exempted from the rapid test at the airport. This applies to Non-Dutch Diplomatic passport holder, head of state, the member of foreign Government and the cabin crew.

7. What measures Kilimanjaro International Airport is doing to protect passengers against COVID 19 at the airport?

  • The Kilimanjaro international airport has imposed the social distance rule, wearing mask, hand sanitizers station at all entry and exit point at the airport. The primary temperature checks to all passenger arriving Tanzania through Kilimanjaro International Airport.

8. Is the test for COVID-19 mandatory for children?

  • There is an exemption for the children under the age of 13 years.

9. Is there passenger prohibited from entering the United Republic of Tanzania?

  • All passengers from all over the world are allowed to enter the United Republic of Tanzania as long as they comply with immigration and healthy formalities.

10. Is there a restriction for outlets and food beverage at the airport?

  • All shops and restaurant opened 24 hours with no restriction, but passenger are advised to keep distance and follow the social distancing rule.

11.What happens if passenger tests positive for COVID 19?

  • Passenger with positive COVID 19 results will be taken to quarantine for further medical arrangement. However, if the passenger situation is not serious he will be advised to self-Isolate under the supervision of the medical team.

12. Is there an exemption for the person under the medical emergency?

  • Every passenger departing at Kilimanjaro International airport apart from the stated exemption despite their medical condition all have to undergo the COVID 19 rapid test.

13.What are the COVID 19 procedure for the passenger arriving or departing at Kilimanjaro International Airport?

  • Any passenger arrive at Kilimanjaro International airport must have a filled Surveillance form, and will have to sanitize his or her hands before primary temperature check procedure. Kilimanjaro International Airport has installed signage, floor markings and seating distance to ensure all passengers maintaining 1.5 meter apart.

14. Children have to wear masks at Kilimanjaro International Airports?

  • Children under the age of 13 are not supposed to wear mask at the airport.

15. Is a facemask mandatory for people who asthmatic?

  • All passenger departing with KLM flights required to wear a mask before departing. If you cant wear a face mask because of medical reason then you need to have a stamped signed medical certificate from your physician and bring with you this certificate during the trip.

16. How can you pay for vaccine/which method can you use to pay for vaccine?

  • Passenger can pay for the rapid test via bank or mobile money services

17. Can passenger choose Quarantine facility?

  • Passengers cannot choose the facility. Port health at Kilimanjaro International airport will arrange the quarantine for the passenger.