Kilimanjaro International Airport


About Us

Kilimanjaro International Airport, covering close to 110sq.km was officially inaugurated in December 1971 and was designated as "The Gateway to Africa's Wildlife Heritage"

The airport became the first international airport to be privatized in Africa in 1998 and is now operated by Kilimanjaro Airports Development Company (KADCO), a company fully owned by The Government of Tanzania.

The airport is strategically situated between two regions of Kilimanjaro and Arusha in Northern Tanzania. Arusha and Kilimanjaro are considered ideal regions for tourism, investment opportunities and business activities due to their economic potentialities and unique tourist attractions.

The regions are popularly known as East Africa's best tourist destinations or commonly known as the northern tourism circuit with a combined population of over three million people.

Another local specialty in the region is the presence of the precious gemstone ‘The Tanzanite’. Tanzanite can only be found only in Mererani hills which situate few miles from the airport. The gemstone is in huge demand worldwide due to its multi color appearance as well as its limited availability.

The Arusha-Moshi area is also a production center for creating demand for cargo flight to Europe, Middle East and Far East. The Climatic condition of the region is tropical and the land is fertile which favors high yielding crops, cultivation and animal husbandry. Cash and Food crops such as Coffee, banana, maize, beans, and vegetables are widely grown in the region.

Technical Information Of KIA

Located 40kms East/Southeast of Arusha and 30kms West/Southwest on coordinates (03o 25'S, 37o 42'E). Built in a 109sq kms estate.

Runway: 3600 meters long tarmac/11835ft. 45m VOR and DME.

  • Hours of Operation: 24 Hours
  • IATA/FAA code: JRO
  • Location indicator: HTKJ
  • Fuel Availability: Jet A1/Avgas 100LL
  • Elevation 2932ft
  • Average temperature: 33 C

Computer based aeronautical information systems AIS and AFTN Kilimanjaro International Airport currently operates a 3600m x 45m runaway that is an east west oriented(RWY 09/27).

Predominant winds in the area usually dictates a west to east approach and take off. The runaway has Cat II ILS landing system, meaning that landing is possible in even lilting weather conditions.

The runaway is capable of handling up to and including Boeing 747-400 series or Antonov 124 aircraft. Any size of the current commercial aircraft can land and be provided all ground services at KIA. Low population densities in the surrounding allow easy approach and take off, without noise restrictions.