Kilimanjaro International Airport



The Giant Kilimanjaro Hangar Facility

Kilimanjaro International Airport has one of the biggest hangar facility in the history of African aviation on his days, not even a debate. It is large enough to accommodate Boeing 787 or two ATR at once. Availability of nose pocket adjustment gives this hangar an extra credit to absorb the largest plane on earth, Airbus A380 to disappear completely on it.

The hangar facility trigonometred on 85 meters width, 63 meters length, and 33 meters heights. It orchestrated by two electric doors weigh 40 tons each. They are very heavy, for them to move to require 48 kilowatts from motors installed on each door. But thanks to this radian gear technology which gives the ability to push them even with bare hands.

But behind these high tech puzzles lies a mastermind, Mwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere. The first president of the United Republic of Tanzania. Undoubtedly, so clever. He succeeded to erect a flagship hangar facility in Africa. He had two ambitions to accomplish. First, to turn hundreds of acres into a gigantic hangar facility no one had to imagine it could be; and second, to turn Kilimanjaro International Airport into a hub in aircraft maintenance in East and Central Africa.

Mwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere's ambitions took us back where the project started in October 1978, by architect design and drawings. After two (2) years, in 1980 architect designing came to an end and handed over to the main contractor, Airfact Airport facilities. A Holland Company alongside other subcontractors, J.W Rador and B.V Holland where together they started the project of building it. Then, after five years of hard-working (1980 – 1985), engineers and architect won the battle to accomplish this hangar facility with the following features on it:-

Training Room
Quality Control Room
Budget Control Room
Production Room
Spare Parts Room
Maintenance & Eng. Manager Room
Secretariats Room
Director of Operation Room
Operation and Communication Room
Chief Pilot Room
Crew Room
Spare Room
Store Room
Canteen Hall etc.

Kilimanjaro International airport hangar facility remains to be extraordinary features until today. You won't see this kind of facility at a normal airport. Thus why all we agree whenever the future holds, even in this limbo of technology and moderation, but this facility remains to be one of the turning point, a flagship, in hangar history in Africa.

Why you should hangar with us

Massive hangarage space. Able to accommodates Boeing 787
Excellent infrastructures
Few meters walk to the hotel facilities
Located in the heart of the busiest aviation hub in the region
Adjacent to the VIP lounge
Prestigious terminal building