Kilimanjaro International Airport


Health Services

Port Health

Kilimanjaro International Airport have several health points. Those points operates 24 hours to make meet passenger needs. At this age of Covid-19, Kilimanjaro Intl Airport have been implementing various measures to combat the spread of Covid 19. This include placement of hand sanitizer at the airport entry points, thermal and temperature screening, social distancing stickers, and high level of cleanness at the airport. You can access health services at the following stations:

KIA Clinic

Kia clinic has medical personnel and equipments to serve all health needs to passengers. The clinic has ambulance standby to serve any emergency that may rise. Kia Clinic operates 24 hours a day.


+255736 053 887 - KIA clinic call center
+255766 999 635 - Dr. Gory
+255766 188 807 - Dr. Swai

PCR Test Center

PCR Test center located just few meters from the main entrance of Kilimanjaro International Airport main gate. The center operates 24 hours a day.

Port Health

The port health located just at the arrival gate both at international arrival gate. The port health takes all measures against the spread of cross boarder diseases.


+255719 037 906
+255627 906 508