Kilimanjaro International Airport


Health Services

Port Health

When you use the international arrival gate, you will face the Port health office straight. Port health is responsible for serving and preventing the entry of any infectious diseases related to the cross-border movement of people, vehicles, luggage and sometimes imported goods.

The services offered include, Screening of passengers, provision of yellow fever vaccination to passengers, provision of emergency care services to patients

KIA Clinic

The Kilimanjaro International Airport Clinic provide medical services for passengers and airport staff. For a full list of medical services and their corresponding fees, and enquiries please contact
+255736 053 887 - KIA clinic call center
+255766 999 635 - Dr. Gory
+255766 188 807 - Dr. Swai


Kilimanjaro airport health clinic located at the first floor near the main departure gate


Our clinic operates 24 hours regardless of the public holiday