Kilimanjaro International Airport


Refuel at KIA: The aviation fuel hub in the region with best fuel services

Fuel plays important role even non specialist would realize at the first gaze. Kilimanjaro Intl Airport with our partner, Puma & Total, we deliver to you all your fuel needs from JET A1 to AVGAS. We do refueling to Commercial, Cargo, and Private Jets.

Our business partner in aviation fuel, TOTAL, has more than 60 years in aviation fueling with key goal to bring customer satisfaction first. It honor to work with business partner serving leading airlines with more than 100 fuel import sea terminals and access to global supply organization, that’s PUMA. All together makes Kilimanjaro Intl Airport best choice for refueling.

Why you should choose KIA as your preferred refueling airport

Short time refueling: Minimum turn around

Time consumed by ground handling activities (might causes delay) include refueling has been tying airlines for ages. As the strategy to shy away, aircraft's need to depart fast than ever. Many airports still refueling manually, by doing so the process is slow with many errors. At Kilimanjaro Intl Airport our partner, TOTAL & PUMA, have aligned with IATA to fasten the process with maximum accuracy. To prove the decision was fresh and vivid, our partner, PUMA has launched eAviation just to make sure minimal time spent in refueling with maximum accuracy.

High quality fuel approved to meets international standards

If you are refueling at Kilimanjaro Intl Airport you have chosen the international standards. Our partners are members of JIT (Joint Inspection Group) the leading quality control standards in fuel aviation.


Speed is just malicious without control. Refueling to gigantic aircrafts needs extra care, making sure activities won’t start fire. Safety has been a household name in here due to the capability we have in firefighting. IATA classified Kilimanjaro Intl airport firefighting to the category nine (9) which makes us capable to make sure refueling remains to be safe activities in here.

Regular fuel inspections

Being member of JIT (Joint Inspection Group) our partner, TOTAL&PUMA are eligible to follow world standards in fuel inspection regularly.

Control Audit: Non hidden cost

Not only in fuel inspection but again it comes with financial audit. Fueling at KIA means you have opted to get what you have paid for. Our final invoice will match with that of quoted price without any hidden charges because we undergo Intl audit control.

Experienced aviation fuel company

Without penny of doubt our partner combined together have unrivaled experience in fuel aviation. This makes us confident on products and services we offer to our clients at Kilimanjaro Intl Airport.

Joins intl reputable airlines by refueling at KIA

Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airway, KLM, Precision Air and many more, All refueling at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Opt now to joins world leaders in Africa and world aviation in general by refueling at Kilimanjaro Intl Airport.