Kilimanjaro International Airport


Fuel plays an important role even non-specialist would realize at the first gaze. Kilimanjaro Intl Airport with our partner, Puma & Total, we deliver to you all your fuel needs from JET A1 to AVGAS. We do refueling to Commercial, Cargo, and Private Jets. We have all the necessary pieces of equipment and technology to bring to you the required level of standard fuel, like

Storage tanks
Fuel Pumping System
Fueling vehicles
Pressure and Flow Control valves
Fuel Horses
Fuel Filtration

We have numerous fuel storage tanks located in a precinct location. We have three fuel operators: two have started and one is in the final stage to the starting of operation. This is the heart of the fuel operation system in the region.


One of the leading aviation fuel operators in the world refueling over 84 aircraft every day. They have modern tanks farms, refueling vehicles, and hydrants. Our partner is a member of JIT. Being a member of the Joint Inspection Group, a leading aviation fuel standard setter, makes them one of the highest standards fuel operators to rely on. The company has more than 60 years of experience in refueling.


One of the trusted aviation fuel operators earns this trust by staying close to its customers. To the company, nothing is more critical more than their airline customers. Around more than 75 airports in more than 45 countries, Total is one of the most extended aviation fuel operators in the world.

Short time refueling: Minimum turn around

Time consumed by ground handling activities (might causes delay) include refueling has been tying airlines for ages. As the strategy to shy away, aircraft's need to depart fast than ever. Many airports still refueling manually, by doing so the process is slow with many errors. At Kilimanjaro Intl Airport our partner, TOTAL & PUMA, has aligned with IATA to fasten the process with maximum accuracy. To prove the decision was fresh and vivid, our partner, PUMA has launched eAviation just to make sure minimal time spent in refueling with maximum accuracy.


Nothing comes first in aircraft refueling than safety. Refueling to gigantic aircraft needs extra care, cautions, making sure activities won’t start a fire. Safety has been a household name here due to the capability we have in firefighting. IATA classified Kilimanjaro Intl airport firefighting as category nine (9), which makes us capable to refuel bigger aircraft without a doubt on the ability to stop a fire if it would happen.

High-quality fuel approved to meets international standards

If you are refueling at Kilimanjaro Intl Airport you have just chosen international standards. Both of our partners are members of JIT (Joint Inspection Group), the leading quality control standards in world fuel aviation.

Low Price Leadership in the Region

We are the leading price setter when it comes to aviation fuel in the region. We have the best low price compared to many airports nearby. Grad to have the power to set even low prices making sure our customers enjoying favorable prices.

Ability to handle bigger aircraft

The renovation project has left with the best features in terms of Runway, Airport lighting, and Apron which enable the airport to receive bigger and more complicated aircraft.

Regular fuel inspections

Being a member of JIT (Joint Inspection Group), TOTAL&PUMA are eligible to follow world standards in fuel inspection regularly. Control Audit: Non-hidden cost. Not only in fuel inspection but again it comes with a financial audit. Fueling at KIA means you have opted to get what you have paid for. Our final invoice will match that of the quoted price without any hidden charges because we undergo Intl audit control.

Experienced aviation fuel operator company

Without a penny of doubt, our partner combined together has unrivaled experience in fuel aviation. This makes us confident about the products and services we offer to our clients at Kilimanjaro Intl Airport.

Constant supply to meet fluctuating demand

Due to the fuel farm, we have means we have adequate fuel supply. This includes the historical demand of the previous aircraft to establish future fluctuation if will occur. Having experienced a fuel operator who understanding seasonality and has access to storage and processing capacity makes Kilimanjaro International airport a reliable refueling airport at any time, any quantity.

24 hours of operation

With no holiday, 24 hours a week, we are committed to providing fuel services. This includes its associates' services, parking, and aircraft ground services. It gives us the upper hand and makes KIA the only airport in the region with that kind of service.

Environmental Compliance

From storage to final use, fuel needs extensive regulation. That is what has been doing. We adhere to government regulation making sure users and surrounding community stays safe.

Joins international reputable airlines by refueling at KIA

Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airway, KLM, Precision Air, and many more, All refueling at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Opt now to joins world leaders in Africa and world aviation in general by refueling at Kilimanjaro Intl Airport.