Kilimanjaro International Airport


Business Opportunities


Kilimanjaro International Airport is located on the Arusha-Moshi transportation route and has an area of 110 square kilometers. It promotes Tanzania's economy by providing high quality and efficient airport services. Over 1 million passengers fly through Kilimanjaro International Airport every year. Over 350 square meters of shopping space, 330 square meters of dry cargo facilities and huge fuel farm development projects shows the wealth of business opportunities at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Passengers need drinks, hotels, currency transactions, parking lots, etc. Do you see any of the following business opportunities?


Reach the high potential customers in captive way.

At Kilimanjaro International Airport, we have cutting-edge technology that can provide the most influential opportunities for advertising needs. Most notable, we have most visited areas which magnets passengers attention. From these, We give you the opportunity to interact with company officials and government decision makers, not anywhere else in the entire region


We have high impact and dynamic digital video solution to catch passenger’s attention. The screens placed on the most congested area of the airport, the conveyor belt. The screen is installed at the sight level and the head-angle of view. You can place images and motion videos. Our technology can be seen in every place far away at night. We help you to reduce the printing cost, and give you reliability to different groups, and just in time changing of content option. Users have the right to change the content and duration of their content.


Even at the edge of technology, print advertising is still the backbone of our airport advertising. There are many formats for printing, such as lighting and large format. The great advantage of printing is that the advertisements cannot be skipped.