Kilimanjaro International Airport


Welcome to the Kilimanjaro International Airport car parking.More than 500 parking lots waiting for your car in here. The parking area monitored by video camera. It counts vehicle entering and existing in the airport premises.

Operating Hours

Parking operates 24 hours in 7 days of the week. It can accessed directly from the main entrance before taking left of your hand side.

Lost ticket

On Tailgating. There is no you can exist without paying parking fee, if you caught doing so it’s an offence. The airport operator will prosecute registered owner of the vehicle for breach airport regulations.

Paying for parking

You will have to take a ticket on entrance of the airport premises. Automatic hours counter will count on number of hours spent. Then, you will have to pay to the parking payment kiosk adjacent to the parking lots.

Parking Fee

Every car (Unless it exempted by airport operator) will be charged Tsh 1,000 per hour spend inside the Kilimanjaro International Airport. There is no offer for the car spent below 1 hour.

Drop Off/Pick Up Area

There is dedicated area for drop off passengers. Fines will be upon those, willingly/unwillingly validate the procedure.

Unauthorized Parking

There is no parking on grass or any authorized lane. Kilimanjaro International airport advice you to use proper allocated parking lot.