Kilimanjaro International Airport


The presence of vehicles in the apron, aircrafts refueling, weather changes, dangerous goods, runway incursion, and fuel spillages calls for the presence of fire fighting. It is a serious task that requires trained brigade and high-performance equipment. Thus why we have opted for Mercedes Benz 3358 from a legendary company with more than 28 years of experience, Brescia Antincendi International (Bai - Mercedes Benz 3358).

Fire Fighting Vehicles: Extinguishing With Unbeaten Technology

The Mercedes Benz 3358, a huge muscular truck, one of the latest technology to be putted on firefighting trucks. It has a carriage capacity of 10, 000 liters of water, 1,200 liters of foam in a tank. The whole body is made of non-welded aluminum container to reduce the weight while maximizing corrosion for no rust. The load of 10,000 liters of water and that of 10,000 of foam lie effortlessly on 9945 mm chassis. But it wouldn’t move anywhere without the presence of a 630 horsepower engine. Performance is the heart of this vehicle. Pumper turret can throw water up to 75 meters while that of roof turret can do so up to 100 meters.

Fire category - 9
Brand - BAI Mercedes Benz Actros 335
Water Capacity - 10,000 liters
Foam Tank - 1200 liters
Dry Powder - 250 kg
Water Throw - 75 meters
Roof monitor throw - 75 meters
Pumper monitor throw - 75 meter
Crew carriage - 6 firemen
Gear Box - Manual

Trained Fire Brigade

The latest technology without a well-trained brigade is an illusion. We have a well-trained brigade, enough for our customers to rely on. The team trained to encounter continuous hard operations, they do practice accords to types of aircraft on our fire fighting category. Firefighters wear a fire proximity suit. They are coated with slivered material designed to reflect heat away from their bodies. It enables them to stand even in intense radiant heat. Smoke is another challenge during fire fighting process, thus why firefighters wear self-contained breathing apparatus.

Terminal building with fire fighting strategies.

The terminal building plays an important role in extinguishing fire once happens. It has glass, transparent on both sides for easy access for insiders and outsider to see what going on just in case a fire happens, again we have:-

i. Fire emergency response
ii. Evacuation diagram
iii. Emergency lights and exist signs.