Kilimanjaro International Airport


Due to development of science and technology, modern commercial aircraft have the capacity to carry several passengers, crews and cargo. For them to sustain a long haul, needs a lots of fuel. But to stop accidents may result from fuel explosion it’s a serious job which requires sophisticated vehicles and capable man power. This calls for emergency response equipment. Thus why apart from well trained fire brigade, we have opted for Mercedes Benz 3358 from Brescia Antincendi International (BAI)

Brescia Antincendi International (BAI), Italian company with twenty eight years (28) of experience in the competitive market manufacturing broad range of custom-tailored firefighting and rescue vehicles. Obsession of details on every vehicles from this company makes their vehicle little bit time consuming to produce. Like this BAI Mercedes Benz 3358 from legendary company, Mercedes Benz.

Fire Fighting Apparatus

Mercedes Benz 3358 is a latest technology truck on airport firefighting. it has carriage capacity of 10,000 liters of water, and 1,200 of foam in a tank. Its body made of non-welded aluminum container to reduce the weight while maximizing high corrosion for no rust. These entire loads lied effortlessly on 9945 mm chassis. But it would not move anywhere without the presence of powerful engine. This truck engine can produce up to 600 horse power, enough to blast a truck up to 120 km/hour. It is like a land missile for its massive speed.Performance is the heart and soul of this truck. It lies on two sections, turret and bumper water throwing. Pumper turret can throw water up to 75 meters while that of roof turret can throw water to 75 meters too.

Person Protective Equipment

Fire fighters wears a fire proximity suit. Those are coated with slivered material designed to reflect heat away from their bodies. It enable them to stand even in intense radiant heat. Smokes is another challenges during fire fighting process, thus why fire fighters wears self contained breathing apparatus


ICAO requires all fire fighting personnel to be subjective to proper training in order to enable them to carry their duties in efficient manner, that is what we do. Our fire fighters practicing to live fire training accords to types of aircraft on our fire fighting category.


Kilimanjaro International airport fire fighting falls under category nine (9), which requires to have ability to serve aircraft up to 76 meters over lengths, have more than 24,000 liters of water, Ability to discharge 9,000 per minute and ability to serves three (3) aircraft during refueling process.


Fire category - 9
Brand - BAI Mercedes Benz Actros 335
Water Capacity - 10,000 liters
Foam Tank - 1200 liters
Dry Powder - 250 kg
Water Throw - 75 meters
Roof monitor throw - 75 meters
Pumper monitor throw - 75 meter
Crew carriage - 6 firemen
Gear Box - Manual

Tires - 6