Kilimanjaro International Airport



We take care from the time aircrafts touches down to the next flight. Our partner www.swissport.com & www.nas.aero ready to serve the purpose by using specified vehicles.

This hand to hand collaboration between Kilimanjaro International airport and our partner aims to tackle major challenge facing ground handling sector in today aviation world, delays. It seems to be nothing more than a cost to the most airlines. Approximately about 0.6 up to 2.9% of the airline cost coming from it.

But, this new relationship has answers to solve this puzzle. By emphasizing on traffic flow structure, time and safety. This great deal of attention to the punctuality and timing has paid to duality outcomes: Minimal turn - around time and operation cost minimization.

What you will be offered:

On Ground Customer Experiences

Check-In and Boarding
Transfer and Arrivals
Lost and Found
Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Aircraft Handling

Loading and Offloading
Turnaround Coordination
Ground Transportation
Ground Support Equipment
Baggage Handling

Cargo Handling

Import, Export and Transfers Cargo
Cold/Dy Cargo Storage Services
Special Freight Handling


Swissport Tanzania

The company is the subsidiary of Swiss-port Intentional, servicing as a ground handler for more than 36 years in Tanzania. The company has ability to handle more than 17 tonnes of cargo per year with more than 700 employees country wise read more

Nas Dar Air Company

Our partner is the fastest growing services provider in emerging markets. With new spirit in industry, our partner continues to handle passengers and cargo to a new standard never happened before. Company operates in three (3) regions of middle east, African and South Asia. With more than 6,000 employees worldwide. Servicing to more than half of world's top ten airlines read more