Kilimanjaro International Airport



If you are foodie lover, than you are not alone. We all love good food. Forget about for a moment, how was your flight? We are sure you had a wonderful landing at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

It is a time to beat a jet lag, mingling with other savvy traveler and to find a place to eat. Let we have a look - around among restaurants and hotels at Kilimanjaro International Airport.


There is a lot to get excited about at Kilimanjaro International Airport. What about waking up on the middle of the savannah, swimming on the hilltop with magnificent view of Kilimanjaro mountain, it is exciting, isn’t?. This is a Kia lodge, one of the hotel inside the KIA premises. Just a short walk of about10 minutes. Kia lodge hotel offers various and styles of bedroom accommodation. There is tiny cozy little bedrooms and large too for those who have a bigger families. When it comes to food, there is wide range to choose from. Swahili food which include roasted chicken, Swahili barbeque and many more locals. This is a time guest can learn more about Swahili culture through food. They are all equipped with modern comfort. The hotel offers a spa services. It is a nod to the KIA diversity. No matter where you stay at Kia lodge hotel, the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and comfortable.


Huge part of travelers would like to know local tradition and culture. Simply you can get in touch with all two aspect just by eating at Kia Catering restaurant. The restaurant located inside the international departure. A pioneer in 24 hours modality of operations, KIA Lodges offers passengers an access to both foreigners and local food.


The presidential status with contemporary architect design is the cockpit flying our VIP lounges. The design has more to tell. The concrete floor paired with white wall makes surrounding casual and comfortable. The hanging canvas on a wall provide a playful touch. Outdoor, natural trees and flowers with light wood accent makes the lounge aura more calmers.

Amenity, the lounge linked with different facilities. A huge car parking, 70 inches 4K Tv with premium package, recliner sofas set, free WIFI. Service wise, the lounge provide an immigration papers clearance. To book, just visit Kilimanjaro International Airport website. At the top you will find a section of VIP Lounge booking, just click and fill the form. Alternatively, you can do reservation through the email vipbooking@kadco.co.tz

3. BUSINESS CLASS LOUNGE (Under Maintenances)

If you need somewhere, more refined they you should try our business class lounge. The lounge is more specious that marries with modern design touches. The tiles and top concentrated at the top give a sense of tranquility to passengers. A wide door at the lounge gives a distinct welcoming note to guest. The business class lounge accepts all business class passengers from all airlines. However, for those traveling without business class they can access the lounge too.


Not only a place for having a cup of coffee, a Coffee shop at the domestic departure is the place to to glimpse for airlines traffic and beautiful landing and take-off. Strategically, the place is more bright and open due to glass window from ground to the top. Those ceiling glass lets light spills into the shop. Seating, we have decided to encourage interaction by keeping the seating communal. This gives interaction with fellow passenger in style.


Another dining gem at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Foodie lover would love this place. Here you can find most loved food both foreigners and local. Yes, you can eat like local. Distinctly, the area give a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro during a clear cloud. To all outdoor lovers, this is an idea place to relax.