Kilimanjaro International Airport


If culinary is not an art, then what is it? In here we have one language, we communicate through food. The availability of tranquility space as well as affordable prices are important receive considered all time. Welcome to Kilimanjaro International Airport eaters points;


One of the airport on-site hotel, just short walk from the airport terminal building. The lodge is situated in secluded hill in the heart of beautiful Savannah scenery that is so typical for East Africa. Watching the sunset while you are in the hilled swimming pool is much easier at the Kia Lodge hotel. The hotel gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the savanna park while enjoying your drinks in a calm place. Cold drinks as well as natural African food, foreign one, and massage service are all available in here.


The hotel located in the middle of the airport with beautiful scenery. The presence of full glass window bottom to the ceiling provides the lighting and give passengers the ability to see the runway as well as the mountain views around the airport without hindrance. Native Swahili and International foods served in here. The good thing is that everything you order, you will get it in less than three minutes.


Presidential status with contemporary architect design is the cockpit flying our VIP lounge. It is a design briefs with honest and pretentious. The concrete floors paired with white wall makes the surrounding casual and comfortable. Natural trees and flowers with light wood accents outside of the lounge make it calmer. The hanging canvases on a wall provide a playful touch. Located in precinct location to maximize the security and luxuriate while minimizing exhaustion.

The lounge linked with different facilities like huge car parking, 70 inches 4k TV with premium package, recliner sofa set, self-services to passengers, free WIFI, immigration papers clearance. You will remain conformable while we are taking care of everything.


If you are finding something more refined, Business class lounge at Kilimanjaro Airports is a more spacious place that marries pretty design with a modern art design. This renovated space, more of its interior is perfectly finished with tiles and polished concentrate at the top. A wide door at the lounge gives a distinct not to the welcome guests. Total arrangement at the lounge is good, sensibility is high and modest, yet entirely comfortable. The business class lounge accepts all business class passengers from all airlines. But for those travelling without business class they have access to the lounge too.


Does running out of coffee count as cardio, No. This coffee shop is another wonderful destination in the departing terminal. More bright and open, location favour friendly view due to bottom to the ceiling glass window. Those glass in both directions lets the light spills into the coffee shop. We have decided to encourage interaction by keeping the seating communal. It's a space where you can grab a light meal while waiting for your flight, yet interacting with a fellow passenger in style.


Located outside the terminal building, less than 20 meters from main gate entrance. Our outdoor space blend with Kilimanjaro Mountain view to give best of time while having fun. Each space in here is intimacy. Outdoor environment leading the eye up and around to appreciate the view. To be sure, one will leave Kilimanjaro International airport feeling at a little intellectually elevated, as the atmosphere of timeless encourages quite contemplation.