Kilimanjaro International Airport


Domestic Check-In

Upon arrival, proceed to the relevant check-in desk. If you are traveling domestically, we recommend you arrive one (1) hour before your flight. All necessary traveling documents are mandatory.

International Check-In

For international flight check-in and pre-flight formalities, we recommend you to arrive three (3) before your flight. Make sure you have all the necessary traveling documents on your side. The check-in desks are located just after the departure entrance. International passengers will need to go through secondary screening customs processing.

Baggage Check-In

We advise you to be aware of allowed and banned items to be carried on the way to the screening before departing. Special regulations will be applied to the transportation of animals, sharp items like knives, dangerous good like gases, cigarette lighters, poisons, corrosive, tools like drills equipment, explosives, and any hazardous substance. Failure to adhere to the instructions will lead to the disposing of these items because there will be no way to transport them.

When To Check-In

Each airline has a different time and requirement before check-in. It is advised to rely on your airline to know the exact time for check-in.