Kilimanjaro International Airport



Kilimanjaro International Airport has a cutting across solution for the cargo business. Our Cargo terminal building connects to more than 20 destinations worldwide. We have experienced business partners to help you ship your cargo; from perishable, live animals, pharmaceutical, dangerous goods, up to the valuable ones.

Our cargo terminal location is an answer to the long time puzzle which beats the nails of many airport operators. We have nestled it near the apron to reduce cost and time while maximizing efficiency.

Warehouse - Features

Concrete tilt-up construction
Wide storage space to accommodate 110 tones
High clearance height from bottom to the roof
Water and Sewage system to the tenants
Huge parking spaces
Automated Security system
Wide doors on the front of the building
Huge Cargo terminal Apron

Services We Offer

Cargo Handing
Cargo weighting and Screening
Export and import documents processing
Cargo Warehousing both for long and short term\
Interlinked Global Cargo Logistics
Cargo Security

Why KIA as your preferred Cargo Airport.

Location And Size

Kilimanjaro Airport cargo facility has the utmost size to accommodate huge cargo even in a peak volume. This incredible size plays an important part in the processing, build-up, storing, and loading of large cargo while minimizing shipment delays due to arrangement. Supportive Warehouse location, cargo terminal building intentionally designed to reduce the distance to the apron while having huge aircraft maneuvering areas without forgetting spaces for trucks to ship in and chip out cargo from the aircraft. This is proximity to major distribution centers of time-sensitive commodities. It was geared to saving time consumed in loading and unloading the cargo

Extensive Feeder Infrastructure

Kilimanjaro Airport has an advantage when it comes to feeder infrastructures: Railways and roads. After a long time to pass now the Arusha - Dar es Salaam railway has resumed. This giant infrastructure channel itself on the Kilimanjaro International area. On-road, Kilimanjaro Airport posses at the junction of Arusha - Dar road with a short distance of just 5 kilometers. All of these make the airport to be the simplest destination to reach.

Intensive Cargo Security To Rely On

We have completed a new mega project on the CCTV camera. This gives us the ability to handle more cargo in a secured way

Flexibility To Meet Cargo Demand

At Kilimanjaro International Airport we have the ability in a quick turnaround to save both dry and fragile products without compromising its quality. Our cold storage can under-go the lowest temperature reduction, which is crucial in storing flowers, animal products, and all kinds of fresh products. Europe and the far-east are the major markets turning KIA as the shipping point for their products. Join major horticulture farmers association in world business. Our business partners TAHA fresh, Kuehne & Nagel have a connection in horticulture nearly every point of the world market.

Access To International Market And Richness In International Cargo Aircrafts.

Kilimanjaro International Airport has a major advantage when the issue of cargo flight is concerned: Direct cargo flight and all-cargo carriers matching your needs. Ethiopian airlines have dedicated 747 freighters for cargo purposes. It’s not the only one to do such kind of thing; KLM had a dedicated freighter for cargo from KIA to Amsterdam.

All Government Officials Under One Roof.

Time saved by accessing all government officials at the same place. TRA, TMDA, TASAC, TBS, TAWA provide services all-time at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Jo